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Log Houses South Africa

Welcome to the epitome of craftsmanship and architectural splendor—Log Houses South Africa, your premier destination for bespoke log homes that redefine living in harmony with nature. As the unrivaled leaders in log house construction across the picturesque landscapes of South Africa, we seamlessly blend tradition with innovation to curate homes that stand as timeless testaments to artistry and comfort.

At Log Houses South Africa, we understand that a home is more than bricks and mortar, it’s a sanctuary where dreams take shape, and memories unfold. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every log, as we embark on a journey to transform your vision into a tangible, timber masterpiece.

With a legacy of unparalleled expertise and a passion for precision, we embark on each project with the dedication to create not just houses, but homes that echo the natural beauty and serenity of South Africa.

Join us on a voyage where craftsmanship meets modernity, where the scent of pine intertwines with contemporary living. Explore the boundless possibilities of log homes, meticulously designed to capture the essence of South African landscapes while providing unparalleled comfort and sustainability.

Log Houses South Africa—where dreams take root and homes take shape, embodying the very soul of log house living. Welcome to a world where each log is a testament to our commitment: crafting dreams into timber realities.

How We Work 

As the foremost log house builders, our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our work. Here’s a glimpse into our unparalleled approach:

1. Custom sizes at clients request: We pride ourselves on creating log homes that truly reflect the unique visions of our clients. Offering custom sizes, we meticulously craft each log to meet the specific requests and preferences of our valued customers.

2. Installed on bricks or stilts: Your dream log home can be installed with precision either on traditional bricks or elevated stilts, providing flexibility in design and adapting to the natural contours of your chosen location.

3. Concrete slab at clients request: We understand that the foundation is the bedrock of a durable structure. Upon request, we can incorporate a concrete slab to ensure your log home stands the test of time, weathering any challenge that comes its way.

4. 16mm T&G or log profile for outside cladding: The exterior of your log home is a testament to its character. Opt for our 16mm Tongue & Groove or log profile for outside cladding, showcasing a seamless, visually stunning finish that harmonizes with the surrounding environment.

5. 16mm Tongue & Groove Floor ng: Revel in the comfort of our 16mm Tongue & Groove floor, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere to every corner of your log abode.

6. 22mm Tongue & Groove Flooring (Optional): For those seeking the epitome of luxury, our 22mm Tongue & Groove flooring offers an optional enhancement, elevating your living space to new heights of sophistication and durability.

7. Aluminium windows and sliding door (Optional): Bask in the glow of natural light with our optional aluminum windows and sliding doors. These additions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also seamlessly integrate the indoors with the picturesque outdoors.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of log house living, where every detail is a brushstroke in the canvas of your dream home.


From a simple light or wall plug to fully function home electrics, including distribution boards, we have the skilled tradesmen on hand to install your needs. All work is to SABS standards, and done by a certified electrician.



We can produce Wendy houses that can be used as a home, including a fully functioning bathrooms and kitchens. If there is an existing water infrastructure then our plumbers can plug you in. All work complies with SABS standards and is carried out by certified plumbers.


If you are building a larger unit then you may need to sub divide the internal space. We have you covered, with a range of stud wall options. From simple partitions to cavity stud walls, as well as ceilings, we can produce a Wendy house to suit your needs.


Our combined team carries over 50 years experience in this industry


We make use of good quality materials


We all about customer satisfaction and that is why all our work comes with a guarantee



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